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Tim Rosenthal
Real Estate Specialist

If it is your dream to purchase a home in America then it can be turned into reality if you seek our help. Sometime purchasing a new house can be frustrating because of the processes involved. Investing in a new house is a landmark event in your life so it is vital to have a good deal of preparation. If you are novice in the field of real estate and not familiar on how to obtain a home mortgage and don’t know what procedure you need to follow in order to purchase a house, then our company is here to help you in this situation.

We as a company totally understand that sometimes that life gets tough due to medical bills, debt, bad credit, unsteady work history, bankruptcy, and lack of money for a down payment. But you shouldn’t make such an obstacle in obtaining your desirable goal of home ownership; our company possesses numerous attractive and beneficial programs that have helped many individuals to become a proud home owner. We are the leading Real Estate Solutions Company, so every situation comes to us can be handled by our expert professionals easily and in hassle free manner.

How we can help you BUY A HOME:

  • Help you to qualify for home ownership instantly without any additional charges.
  • Help individuals with poor credit to become a proud homeowner.
  • We have a large network of mortgage brokers, real estate agents, attorneys and other real estate professionals.
  • Clear cut and honest transactions without any hidden charges.
  • We offer properties for rent until the individual qualifies for financing.
  • We offer owner financing. That means if you don’t obtain financing from your bank then our company will offer you financing to purchase your dream house.

Start off by taking a look at our available properties. In case you are not able to locate a house suitable for you, simply fill out the Home Ownership Application form and we will be able help you to find a home that is suitable to your needs. We will also keep you updated on properties when they are available.

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  • Amherst NY
  • 1243 eggert
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  • Buffalo NY
  • 58 Wilkes
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